How Much is My Class Ring Worth?

When I was in high school I was excited about buying a class ring, just like many students. Unfortunately, my school ring was eventually either stolen, or lost. Like most people, I had stopped wearing the ring long ago. Now-a-days people are finding that their rings can be a quick source of cash, as the gold in them has become quite valuable.

This leads to the next question on most people’s lips which is: How much is my class ring worth? Most school rings are made of 10k gold although some might be 14k. 10k gold is only 10/24’s gold or 417 or 1000 parts gold. While gold may be at $1650.00 an ounce or more, that is for an ounce of 24k gold.

Your school ring’s value is set by 3 factors.

1. What karat is it?
2. How much does the gold in it weigh?
3. How much a gold buyer is paying?

Here are some tips on how to sell your class ring: Most school rings are made of 10 karat gold. 10k is one of the lowest karats. Many class rings have stones. The gold buyer will take off some weight for the stone, as it is of no value to them. As to how much the gold buyer is paying, you would do well to check with friends and family who have sold gold to see who is paying a fair rate of return.

You should always check the feedback of a gold buyer online before you visit them. If they are doing a good job it will show up in their feedback.

You should be able to see the scale as the buyer is weighing your ring. They should quote you a payout in a per gram price. Calling around to find what gold dealers are paying is futile, as they can say one thing, and when you get to their shop, pay you quite another.

if at any time during the buying process you feel the dealer is scamming you, the best response is to simply leave. If you distrust the quote you have received, simply visit another shop and get a quote.

At the Honest Gold Guy of Sarasota we give free appraisals on gold and silver. if you live in the Sarasota area you can always bring your class ring by to us for a free quote. We buy all types of school rings, scrap gold, gold and silver jewelry, silver and gold coins, and silver flatware, and utensils.

Whether you are selling, or buying we want to talk to you. You can easily find our location at 3575 Webber street. We’re right behind the Goodwill Donation center, and next door to West Coast Accounting.

We happily serve the areas of Sarasota, Nokomis, Osprey, Palmer Ranch, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Siesta Key and Longboat Key, Florida.

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