Are You Ready to Buy Silver or Gold Bullion?

So you want to buy silver, or invest in silver. You can buy fine bullion bars, coins, .999 silver rounds, and even 90% junk silver. Where can you get the best deal? Call the Honest Gold Guy of Sarasota. We usually have silver eagles, silver rounds, silver bars, and sometimes junk silver coins for sale. We usually buy below spot price, and sell at spot, or slightly above spot.

Call the Honest Gold Guy at 941-915-2978 for an appointment to purchase silver bullion, or sell your silver discreetly. Our location is easy to find. We’re at the corner of Beneva Road and Webber Street, at 3575 Webber St. We’re right behind the Goodwill Donation center. We buy any type silver, from jewelry and flatware, to silver bullion of all types.

Many investors across America put a small percentage of their assets (5%-20%) into silver and gold. Some do it for a hedge against inflation, others for a sense of safety in a world that is more uncertain than ever.

Gold and silver are both on an upward track. Silver has the best upside potential, as many believe it to be under-valued. If I was just trying to have a few assets socked away into something besides fiat Federal Reserve notes, I would buy silver.

If you’re looking to purchase silver or gold, call me to see what I have available today. I usually have small quantities of silver bullion, gold bullion, or coins available for purchase. If you are looking to invest in a larger quantity of bullion in the $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 range I can broker these quantities directly for you through a reputable mint, without any outrageous fees.

Silver is used in many industrial and medical applications. There are no silver reserves left here in the U.S.A., so I expect silver to continue to over the long run. In the short term silver fluctuates up and down daily. I am not an investment advisor. These are just my opinions.

If you have 90% Junk Silver Coins for sale please call me. I am always buying junk silver coins, buying silver rounds, American Silver Eagles, and many other silver coins.

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